Task management

• Sync your tasks with other devices with the same iCloud account.

• Backup Private notification event into iCloud.

• Sync your task in the real time with Calendar application.

• Swipe to delete each task.

• Select a color for each task.

Reminders & Events

• Schedule the reminders.

• Show or hide any calendar from the Calendar application.

• Create a checklist, swipe to complete, activate again or delete a checklists field.

Layout features

• Switch between portrait and landscape orientation.

• Choose between white or dark themes.

• Search in your main list.

How to schedule task

• Press bottom plus button on the right side to create new task.

• For private notification event select “Keepyear Notifications” in the calendar selection.

• For the default calendar event select any calendar in the selection list.

• Insert a title for each task.

• Schedule the notification Time and due Date for each task (optional).

• “ADD” button can create note or new checklist for each task.

• Reorder your tasks in the checklist with simple touch.

• Swipe to complete, activate or delete a task.